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First, a little about who we are

We are a non-profit organization aimed at helping the entrepreneurs of “Main Street America” take their business idea and scale it to achieve their dreams. We believe the most entrepreneurs are everyday people working jobs, starting a small business, or working a side hustle but don’t know where to start with their idea or don’t understand why they don’t have customers or are struggling with growth.

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How we can help you achieve your goals

Did you know, 95% of businesses fail within 5 years. The number one reason why businesses fail is because they are building something that no-one wants. Over 57% of the businesses using our process have overcome failure and acquired funding or achieved exponential growth within one year. We are a non-profit entrepreneurship organization helping the entrepreneurs of “Main Street America” take their product or service idea and scale it to achieve their dreams.



“ONE i/e has been a tremendous asset to the Orrenmaa Elementary Community. The Startup Bootcamp for our teachers crystalized a pathway for students to achieve success whether through a college experience or occupational training. The Startup Student curriculum is helping teach our children foundational skills and  mindset. Combined with a STEAM focus, ONE i/e’s workshops and courses give our students greater opportunities in their future careers.”

-Diana Taylor, Principal



“The ONE i/e SLAM process has been exponentially beneficial in taking my idea and turning it into a scalable business. I started with an idea and am now working through the process of customer discovery, market validation and product prototyping to create a viable product-market fit. If you have an idea or are currently working on a project and looking to take it to a whole other level, learning the ONE i/e SLAM process is more valuable than you can imagine!”

-Raylene Proto, CEO, Ditale Outdoors


“Taking this class [Startup Business Bootcamp] was life shaking and ground breaking! They opened up the door to a whole world! I now feel that I have the foundation to grow my business and go in the right direction.” 

– Aqueelah Lair, CEO, Mai Miracles

“I started on a whim and now make more than I have ever in my job history in a year.”

– Rebeccah Lopez, CEO, Bekkis Solutions

“Provides the knowledge needed by entrepreneurs…and builds confidence.”

– Alisha Harrell, CEO, Fiesty’s Fashions & More, LLC

“After taking this course, I am more comfortable to take more steps towards starting my business with confidence.”

– Roslyn Wilson, CEO, Master Piece

“I struggled with this area for the past 3 years. After taking this class, I am more confident and knowledgeable of how to reach my customers, and discover how to meet their future needs.”

– Mary R. Jones, CEO, Pampered Mane

“This was an awesome space to learn to help achieve my goals and add knowledge to me and my company.”

– Cassandra Brelson, CEO, Ebony Essence


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